Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Varyag Pics + Congress on China

So, I got some apparently new photos of Varyag. Now, we at SDF are still not sure these are recent photos, because the island and the crane beside Varyag looked to be painted in the satellite photos. So keeping that in mind, these are some nice new photos to look at that were posted at the aftermath of the Varyag left Dalian rumour mill.

Also, found some new pictures of MCM ships sailing in Shanghai. It's kind of surprising that we haven't seen more of these pictures in the recent times.

And if you guys ever visit SDF, you might have noticed a thread that I started recently called PLA discussions in congress.
What I find kind of interesting is the wide variety of topics that were looked at. I'm impressed that the congress looked at PLA so comprehensively. Of course, they do still rely heavily on the annual DoD review on PLA + SIPRI report. And I certainly would not expect any of them to have the time to follow PLA any more closely than that. I get the impression that they still focus very heavily on Russia's support to PLA buildup. The Sov and Kilo purchases are obviously the main focus here. I found it interesting that they also started to realize that China is growing to a stage where it no longer needs Russia weapon. And I really think it's the fault of Pentagon + the people that come to these hearings that the commissions aren't more aware of this. I don't expect the congress or Dod reps to follow the individual platforms like the way that a naval geek like myself would. So, it was refreshing to look at PLA expansion/export to other countries from a political point of view. I would recommend everyone to at least gloss over the hearing that I posted in that link.

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