Monday, March 15, 2010

Lushae Jewelry Review

This is going to be a random musing, different from my normal posts.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Sarah of Lushae Jewelry to give a review of a product from her website. She was very nice about everything (I got the item to review for free!) and I looked through a decent selection of Jewelry on her website. For all the guys out there (I figure that's the majority of my reader), this is a good website to visit to get presents for your wives and girlfriends. They have different types of rings, earrings and necklaces on sale. I find the prices to be pretty good. I found similar items in a store like Swarovski to be much more expensive. And I normally consider Swarovski to be pretty affordable. This is a picture of the Edwardian necklace that I ended up getting (obtained from their website + its specifications:

Stone Colors: Clear / White
Lead Free: Yes
Setting Type: Prong
Clasp: Spring Ring
Item Weight: 5.5g
Carat Weight: 5.7ct
Chain: 16in + 2in Extender
Length: 31mm
Width: 24mm
Height: 6mm

I have to say that the picture above really doesn't do justice for the actual necklace. You can't really go wrong with a White Gold Rhodium layer, which makes it shine. And also since it is a type of platinum, you don't really have to worry about rusting or anything like that. The design itself is done really with a nice touch. I can't say much except that a female friend of my selected it and she really likes the design! All in all, I think all my readers out there will be able to find something intriguing on this website that they can afford (mostly in the $60-70 range) to buy for a loved one. The designs are simple, but elegant and attractive.


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That is random! But I appreciated the the review. If I was in the US I'd seriously consider purchasing from them.

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