Monday, September 17, 2012

The appearance of a second Chinese 5th gen project

On Saturday afternoon, I saw murky pictures of this new aircraft appearing on Chinese bbs that were supposedly SAC (Shenyang Aircraft Corporation)'s 5th generation fighter jet project. Originally, the picture looked fishy to me and I thought it might be photo shopped from F-35. Since then, we've gotten clearer photos and it does look real.
It's been long speculated that SAC has also been working on a 5th generation design despite loosing the main 5th generation project to CAC (Chengdu Aircraft Corporation). While CAC has been getting all the funding from PLAAF for the J-20 project, SAC's design was more of a self funded project that may or may not have received a PLAAF designation. The Chinese forums have been referring to this project as J-31 after seeing the serial number 31001 on the plane (and 2001/2002 for J-20 project). Regardless, the following of this project has been gathering steam over the past year. The first significant sighting was the unveiling of an export version at the first International UAV Innovation Grand Prix commonly referred to as F-60 as shown below.

A few months ago, we saw this covered up aircraft moved around which many people speculated to be SAC's 5th generation project.

And by Sunday, we've gotten this much clearer photo of the so called "J-31". At this point, there is still plenty of mystery regarding this aircraft. It looks to be much smaller than J-20. If PLA decides to order it at some point, it could form a hi-lo combination with J-20. There has been a lot of speculation that this aircraft will get navalized at some point due to the appearance of twin front landing gear and PLAN's stated desire for a next generation naval fighter jet. It also appears that 2 RD-93s have been fitted for this aircraft initially until the engine designed for this aircraft becomes available (so there won't be the gap with the exhaust).

This aircraft could end up as China's F-35 or it could be a privately funded project that will be competing against something from CAC as the lo part of PLAAF's hi-lo combination or it could be an export project. There is a lot that we certainly don't know yet.


superbal2000 said...

There is a noticeable space gap between the engine exhaust and fuselage. Does anyone know what is going on?

Feng said...

they are flying with an interim engine.

William said...


What is the current status of WS13? (I'm assuming that will be the replacement for RD93?)

Valbonne said...

Feng, do you know what type of weapon system including an internal cannon being held internally in this new J31?

Valbonne said...

Feng, do you know what type of weapon system including an internal cannon being held internally in this new J31?

Feng said...

you know, I'm sure it will be PL-10, some new internally carried version of PL-12 and possibly a longer ranged ramjet powered missile too. It will be similar to what they have for J-20. It should also be able to carry SDBs they are developing and small dimension LGBs. The weapon bay looks like it will be large enough to even carry a smaller anti-ship missile. We will see. It's still a long time from now until when this aircraft and J-20 will go into service.

IMO, WS-13 should go into production in the next year or two, but we will see. The engine earmarked for this should be the 9500 kgf class turbofan engine unveiled in the last Zhuhai air show.

Unknown said...

i know the max armament for the j-31 fighter

unknown on internal cannon

up to six missiles in internal weapons bay(pl-12 missiles)

up to 4 missiles on each wing(2 large beyond visual range air to air missiles and two small homing air to air missiles.

and some j-31 designs have 1 missile in its side weapons bay.(yj-12 i think)