Saturday, January 5, 2013

Recent Chinese exports in helicopter and ships

In my review of 2012, I mentioned recent Chinese exports as one of the overlooked areas in recent Chinese news. More than anything, China has been having a lot of success exporting smaller ships and helicopters. I have captured a series of photos from various Chinese shipyards this year for export orders. They do not include all of the ships that they've launched or handed over this year, but we will go through that in the second part.

First, we have the missile boat that was built for the Pakistani Navy. One was built in Tianjin shipyard as shown below and the other was built in Pakistan.

Next, we currently have a littoral patrol craft built for Bangladesh Navy. Two Such LPCs are built for BN and they were launched about a month apart from the WuChang shipyard.

Most recently, we have seen Patrol Boat for Malta. They have received quit a lot of order for patrol boats and FACs from African countries in the recent years.

And this is a patrol ship that WuChang shipyard built for Namibia. This has already finished sea trials and been delivered already.

Next, we have 3 ships that were part of PLAN that is undergoing work to be transferred to Myanmar Navy. They are 2 Jianghu class frigates (554 & 557) and Type 037 class ship 772. I believe 771 is also getting transferred to PLAN. At this point, it's most likely that these ships are transferred rather than sold, but still good to have Myanmar Navy using Chinese equipments that will rely on Chinese supplies/part for weapon system.

Other than these ships, I have also recorded these additional exports of helicopters and naval ships from the past year or so.

  • Late 2011, 4 patrol boats (FACs) for Ghana
  • Late 2011, 6 H425 for Bolivia
  • Jan 2012, 12 AC-312 (Z-9) for Cambodia
  • March 2012, 2 (535, 536) retrofitted Jianghu for Bangladesh
  • March 2012, Z-11 production in Argentina
  • April 2012, 2 OPVs for Nigeria
  • May 2012, 3 F-22A for Algeria
  • Nov 2012, 4 more F-22Ps for Pakistan
  • Nov 2012, Z-9 for Zambia

So There have been quite a few success stories. This is something that I will follow up and update on next year. Chinese shipyards are doing really well in this low end naval/security ship market. Chinese helicopter companies are also doing a good job of selling Z-9s and Z-11s to third world countries. I think they are probably taking market share away from Russians and some Europeans. This is a trend that I expect to continue in the coming years.


Jiang said...

Feng, Chinese FD-2000 is leading in the Turkish sam program.

Would write some thing about this.

I think Aster 30 and Russian S-300 are out !

Scotty09 said...

Concerning your mention of Burma..Your image is out of context. While it does share the same ship number as one of China's missile boats, it looks NOTHING like it. In fact, the image you posted of "772" is believed to be a domestically-built corvette (much larger than the small Type 037). It's possible it was built by China, but it 100% NOT a transferred Type 037 missile boat.

Richard said...

The pic of the 772 you have is flying the ROC naval jack...

Scotty09 said...

Actually, the ROC and Burma once had nearly identical Flags. When you study the image, you matches Burma's old flag. Why it is flying an officially "old" flag I have no clue. But in other images of this class (often called the 77 meter class), they are flying the more modern Burma/Myanmar flag.

Feng said...

I think you are right about that. They are building some corvettes for Burma I think.

Scotty09 said...

Maybe, but there are satellite photos that shows large corvettes/light frigates under construction in Burma so it seems more likely they were at the very least building these vessels in Burma. Whether their design originated in Burma or elsewhere, who knows.

Feng said...

Not sure, it could be build one in China and the rest in Burma. They do that with Pakistan. Saw a picture of one of those Corvettes recently. Definitely looks like something China designed. Whether it came from a Chinese shipyard or Myanmar shipyard, I'm not sure.

Kiron said...

The patrol boat is for Mauritania, not Malta.

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