Thursday, February 21, 2013

A good article regarding YJ-8 series of Anti-ship missiles

I was contacted recently about this article on YJ-8 series of anti-ship missiles. I read it and found it to be very well written on the proper designations of different domestic and export missiles. I've long talked about the non-existence of C-803 and I'm glad that this article addresses that topic quite well. Aside from that, it also does a good job of exploring the actual capabilities of each missiles. While one may agree or disagree with the author's assessment, it certainly shows some serious work done in finding out answers and encourages me to do the same (if I get enough time).

I really like the article and encourage everyone to check it out.


sunchippster said...
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sunchippster said...

Hey Feng, if you're interested in the topic of cyber capabilities, could you comment on China's capacity for cyber-warefare, and how she would fare compared to other nations such as the US and Russia? Of course, the info seems highly difficult to find, but do you think China is able to produce Stuxnet, or more advanced weapons? I've also seen news reports that suggest Chinese military programmers lack significantly in "creativity" compared with the US and Russia, though I'm not sure if these reports are based on genuine data or not (..perhaps a little bit of snobbery, or not?). Thanks!

yadhav said...

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John Michael said...

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