Saturday, December 5, 2015

ASBM program and Su-35 export

I came across a really well down book by Andrew Erickson on China's ASBM development. The book can be found here. It was written by 2013, but most of the content is still very up to date. It does a good job of talking about ASBM development, motivation, capability and China's satellite system. Since then, I think the only major update is the unveiling of both DF-21D and the previously unknown DF-26 in China's Victory parade in September. That shows a much greater potential usage than just Taiwan scenario or even around disputed islands in South and East China Sea.

At the same time, the other news that came out this past week is the finalization of Su-35 export. The discussion seemed to have started way back in 2008 and really picked up since 2012. I think Su-35 is an interim solution to provide advanced capability to PLAAF beyond their existing flanker fleet while CAC is completing the development of J-20. I see it as any improvement over China's domestic J-11s, but not something that will be a legitimate solution to F-35 and other 5th generation aircraft.


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Anonymous said...

I don't think the Su-35 would offer any significant advantages over the J-11D or a J-16, to be honest. There is even a rumor that the PLAAF is requesting to put their own avionics and subsystems onto the Su-35s. The J-11D's AESA radar and other subsystems should place it level with, if not superior to, the Su-35.

The limited numbers purchased suggests that the deal is likely due to a shortcoming of SAC's production capacity, a way to show solidarity with Russia, a means to get hands on the 117S engines, or perhaps a mixture of the aforementioned.

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