Saturday, October 18, 2008


Recently, CAC is celebrating its 50th anniversary by displaying the J-10S prototype 02 outside. Generally speaking the second prototypes for any Chinese airplane project is used for static testing. It is also the case with this J-10 two-seater.

What I find interesting about this display is that they put all the export items on it. Instead of PL-12, you see the MRAAM saying "AMRAAM-10" (I guess that's the name they are using for SD-10). Instead of PL-8B, you see PL-9C on the launch rail. Instead of LS-500J, you see LT-2 as the name of the LGB. It also hangs the Blue Sky pod, which is used for low altitude navigation and targeting, and another pod that looks like the pod used to provide targeting for LT-2. With a live model like this outside with full weapons load + IFR, it would be interesting if someone can finally measure it accurately. I can't imagine these numbers will be withheld for much longer.

We also have an article about the export deals for K-8/JF-17. I think what's interesting to note about this article is that it basically says that PLAAF with be ordering JF-17. K-8 continues to be the export star of China's aerospace industry. Just this past week, we received news that the 100th K-8E was delivered to the Egyptian Air Force.


Unknown said...

Hello Feng,

How reliable is this newspaper? I am guessing it only makes a general remark about JF-17 exports and does not mention specific customers or some movement in this regard, correct?

Thanks for sharing with us.

Feng said...

the newspaper is very reliable, but I'm not sure if the statement is a personal opinion or an official view.