Sunday, December 14, 2008

A visit around the HP shipyard

As you guys know, HuangPu shipyard is located in Guangzhou province and is also one of the most important military shipyards in China. And the fixtures there are the 022 FACs, 054A frigates and tugboats.

First, we see some new pictures of the third 054A construct from this shipyard. Looks like this ship is ready to be launched soon. Most of the sensors and on-board weaponry are still covered right now, so we will have to wait until later to see if there are any major changes from the first batch of 4 054As.

And it seems like since 2006, we always see a huge flotilla of 022s outside of the HP shipyard. Even after 2 years of non-stop work, we still see that even now. Looking at this and the flotilla in Changxin shipyard, it really makes you wonder how many 022s PLAN has.

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