Saturday, May 31, 2008

Final May Update

So, not much have come out since the Tuesday update, but I figure since I have a little time here, might as well post a little more stuff.

We finally got some more photos of F-22P out today. I have to say that I haven't noticed any significant changes since the last set of photos, but that might be due to the distance of the photos. If we get a couple of more up close shots, I might see some new sensors installed.

Edit: Just adding some photos I got last night. This first one actually shows the 30 mm CIWS on F-22P. We no longer have the cover over the top. It looks just like the gun portion of LD-2000 as we suspected. Although, it's not carrying the missiles.

There are also some new pictures of 170 and 998 coming out. 170 hasn't changed much and is not really carrying the anti-ship missiles. 998 also looks like it did before.


Jiang said...

Feng, it is nice to see you again. HAHAHA. I just saw something that I almost Laughed my A@@ OFF!!!. There is a video made by Russians regarding the SU-35BM, it shows that two Su-35M
shot down 4 EF-2000, can you believe that. Then the Su-35 took our 2 PAC missile site, then it shot down 2 EF-2000 and two B-52 bombers!!

Can you believe that. I certainly can not. Why are Russians make such thing to promote their fighters, even they know that Su-35Bm at best
will be lucky to score a 1-2 kill ratio against EF-2000. It is this kind of mentiality that makes me never trust their fighters!!!! ONLY
indians are dumb enough to trust them!

Feng, I would like you to commen on this.

Feng said...

there is nothing really wrong with them trying to promote their product. Obviously, it's funny to anyone who is not working in marketing of Sukhoi. But there really is no need on calling Indians dumb or getting worked up over it.

Jiang said...

Well, I think the vedio is BS. That's all. How can 2 Su-35Bm without AWAC support take out 4 EF-2000 with AWAC support!!! The russians have gone tooooo far.

Jiang said...

Feng, I just saw a news on PDF says taht China might sell J-11B to Pakistan. But I think this is not true, J-10 or F-10, F-20 will be much better. Can you confirm this?

BTW, do you think the recent quake in China will delay our millitary build up by a little bit??

Jiang said...

Feng, in this summer China is going to receive the last batch of S-300PMU2 from Russia, do you think we will buy more S-300PMU2 from Russia or not??

I think we should stop, because I think HQ-9A is just as good as S-300PUM2 in terms of price and bang for bucks, S-300PMU2 might still be a little bit better but not much. How do you compare S-300PMU2 with our own HQ-9A?? Which is better against aircraft and crusie missiles?? I know that HQ-9A has longer range and better control system now than the S-300PMU2. I think no more S-300PMU2 is need, we should build more HQ-9A and wait a little while then purchase some S-400.

Feng said...

well, I already mentioned it on that thread if you read it. I said the entire rumour was started by the Russians.

It's impossible to tell whether PMU2 or HQ-9 is better. But, I think they are in such a need of purchasing additional modern SAMs that S-400 will certainly be desired. And I'm not sure about HQ-9 being cheaper. This kind of stuff gets messed up on Chinese forums, because their standard of what is expensive/cheap is completely warped.

escobar said...

KJ-2000 can detect F-22 up to 200km
is that true Feng?????

Feng said...

these figures are all confidential. And China will not have a chance to properly simulate F-22, so I don't see how anyone can know.

Jiang said...

Feng, I was reading some news form millitary fourm. It has an artical says that the Germans think PLA's command and control ability is still in Germany's 1940's standar. LOL, LMFAO. Do you think it is true??

Also, regarding HQ-9A and S-300PMU2, I think the after the last batch of S-300PMU2, there is no more orders for it, so I assume that S-300PMU2 is no longer any better that Chinese demostic SAMs, I know that S-400 is still desireble, but S-400 will not be ready for export untill 2010, so within this period, China will increase the production of HQ-9A to meet its demand.

BTW, Feng. How many J-10s do you think PLAF have right now, the russian once again BS, they say we have 130-150, I say we now have at least 220+ or more J-10s. What do you think?

Feng said...

actually 130-150 J-10s is not necessarily a bad estimation from what we know with the 4 regiments of 28 each + 20+ J-10s with FTTC. Now, there probably is other regiments getting some J-10s, but the J-10 count watch has stopped for almost a year now, so we don't know where the new units are going to.

As for articles on Chinese news web, I would generally ignore the ones quoting on Westerners. Those are normally the worst articles.

hbogyt said...

Hey feng, I have made a blog of my own. It's on politics and economics. Can you have a look and spread the words!:)

Feng said...

sorry, I'm only going to deal with military related links.

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