Tuesday, April 24, 2007


well, we saw that China showed some Kashtan clones in the recent IDEX 2007 show. But those ones seemed to be pretty much geared for exports.

I got picture of a couple of new CIWS apparently for PLAN. Not sure if these are seriously going into service or not. An interesting part is that they no longer have the radar on the gun itself. I assume that must mean it requires some kind of on board radar (like Kashtan's on board radar) for targetting.

The latter is clearly more advanced with the 8 extra missiles + 1 extra "eye"
- Type 730 only had 3 "eyes" - TV tracking, IR tracking and LRF. Not sure what the 4th one is.

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Anonymous said...

The bottom one is most likely to be a Palash/Palma CIWS.

I don't know the one at the top.

Are you sure these are indigenous CIWS systems? Where did you get the photos?