Monday, March 19, 2007

New pictures of 054A from HD

The pictures of 054A from HP are too numerous and are already posted on SDF, so I will post the pictures from HD here. Although, I will start off with a picture that shows 054A #3 in HP is well under way and 022 is also under construction.

The 2nd 054A under construction from HD

The 1st 054A + LPD

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Some pictures of J-10 twin seater

So I found a new picture of a twin seater from 3rd division - serial number 10543.

Also, this is another picture of a twin seater. You can see the cockpit of the back seat. It looks pretty advanced.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

022 and minesweeper from Jiangnan

a couple of pictures of 328 located in the same area as the 022s. I previously thought the 328 got renumbered as 805, but they are actually in two different shipyards, lol. I feel so stupid now.

some pictures of 022 from Jiangnan shipyard. Actually I ommitted some pictures of previously identified hull (from 2208-2211), but it doesn't seem like JN is building that many. anyhow, this gives a nice and up close look at the sensors like the SeaGull radar, OT-3 E/O director

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Some new findings from today

First, a nice picture showing J-11B from CFTE. Some training after the lunar new year.

Second one is from 891 experiment ship. Notice the FCRs with the big new radar.

My little imagination summary that I posted on SDF

- This new radar could retain SR-64's low altitude tracking capability + surface search capability. So, it will have to be located at the top of the aftmask like SR-64.
- On top of that, it should play the same as a Sampson or EMPAR. I'm hoping it's dual-faced AESA radar rather than a single faced PESA radar like EMPAR, but the cost for Sampson is obviously a lot higher.
A list of Sampson's functions
* Long and medium-range search
* Surface picture search
* High-speed horizon search
* High-angle search and track
* Multiple target tracking and multiple channel fire control.
So, 3 and 4 are basically old SR-64 tasks. It would have to have be rotating fast enough to provide mid course update to HH-16.
- Sea Eagle search radar's purpose would be for volume search and high altitude search, early warning - same role as Smart-L
- FCRs - be like MK-99 on DDG-51, basically providing terminal guidance and illumination of targets for HH-16. Now, this would allow it to direct a maximum of 8 missiles at terminal phase against 4 separate targets concurrently. While, other missiles could theoretically be in the air, not at the terminal phase and given update commands by the new MFR.

So, basically, this allows for higher tracking, better target sharing amongst ships using the same system, higher resolution, better detection of targets flying at different profile and higher capability against concentrated attack.

Anyhow, let's wait and see.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The new Chinese military expenditure.

我国一贯坚持按照国防建设与经济建设协调发展的方针合理安排国防费。近年来,随着中国经济的发展,国防费用有所增加。根据国务院提请十届全国人大五次会议审议批准的2007年中央预算草案中的国防费预算为3509 .21亿元,约合449.4亿美元。国防费预算比上年预算执行数增加529.9亿元,增长17.8%。国防费预算占当年全国财政支出预算的7.5%。2004年国防支出占全国财政支出的比重为7.7%,2005年为7.3%,2006年为7.4%,与前几年相比,所占比重大体持平。 

  2007年中国增加的国防费主要用于三个方面:一是提高军队人员工资和津贴标准,保证部队官兵及离退休干部收入水平随着经济社会的发展得到相应提高;二是提高军队公务事业费和伙食费标准,改善部队官兵训练、生 活条件;三是适度增加装备建设经费,提高军队在信息化条件下的防卫作战能力。

  我注意到国际社会有人对中国国防费非常关注,所以我介绍了今年国务院提请人大审议批准的今年国防预算草 案之后,我想指出几点。 

  1、从上个世纪的1979年到1989年,我国国防费实际平均每年下降5.83%。近些年来,中国在经济发展的基础上,逐步增加国防费,但是这种增长仍然属于弥补国防基础薄弱的补偿性增长。2、近些年来,与其他一些国家特别是大国相比,中国的国防费,无论是绝对数,还是其占国民生产总值的比重,还是其占财政支出的比重,都处于比较低的水平。以2005年为例,2005年中国国防费约合306.46亿美元,相当于美国的 6.19%,英国的52.95%,法国的71.45%,相当于你们日本的67.52%。 

  2005年国防费占国内生产总值的比重,中国是1.35%,美国占4.03%,英国占2.71%,法国占1.93%。2005年中国国防费占财政支出的比重为7.3%,同年,美国国防费占政府财政支出的比重为 20.04%,法国占11.41%,德国占9.2%。

  3、我要特别强调指出的是,中国坚持走和平发展道路,坚持奉行防御性的国防政策。中国的国防旨在维护国 家的安全和统一,确保实现全面建设小康社会的目标。中国没有能力也没有意图与任何国家进行军备竞赛。中国不 会对任何国家构成威胁。

Basically, it mentions that the Chinese military budget has gone up 17.8% to 351 Billion Yuan or 45 billion USD (note, with the increasing value of Yuan, it's military budget in USD is obviously increasing) One interesting thing is that the military budget is 7.5% of total budget for 2007. This is about the same as 7.4% for 2006.

Latest photo from HD shipyard

These are the latest photos from the HD shipyard with the 054A and 071 LPD. Not sure how much progress on these ships. With the lunar new year break, the work probably halted for a little bit. Just waiting for the lunch of the second 054A now or seeing some new ships starting construction.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Complete translation of that JF-17 article

As mentionned, I'm attempting here to do a full translation in point form
  • As we know, Pakistan joined China to develope an AWACS, this fufills PAF's requirements.
  • several month ago, the AWACS came to Pakistan, 2 groups of Pakistanis did extensive testing on that AWACS. First time Haq has officially admitted the visit to a Western reporter
  • China will transfer some AWACS technology to Pakistan
  • Also, PAF has already signed a contract with Saab for Erieye in May of 2006, first one coming into service in the beginning of 2009
  • 38th lab apparently developed this for Pakistan (maybe called KJ-200P), uses a mechanically scanning radar, the platform is a type 3 Y-8. This is already called Y-9 (My note: I'm pretty sure this bit is not true)
  • KJ-200P (let's just refer it as that for now) came to Chakala in July for testing.
  • Haq refers to this as AWACS and Saab as AEW&C, so maybe this points to KJ-200P offering more functionality. also, maybe this will form a hi-lo combination.
  • The regional air power is steadily rising, JF-17 cannot possibly meet all of PAF's requirements, that's why PAF has started discussion with China regarding the induction of J-10, to be named FC-20 and treated as the "hi-tech fighter"
  • Pakistan will not restrict its military purchase to one country. It will consider importing more Block 52 F-16s.
  • Pakistan has sent numerous people to Chengdu to look over J-10. Clearly, F-16's main opponent in sales is not JF-17, but J-10.
  • Also military cooperation between China and Pakistan is not just restricted to weapon sales but also a naval exercise with multiple nation is already planned.
  • Also considering aerial and ground exercise in the near future.
With PAC on JF-17
  • by end of 2007, PAF will have 8 JF-17s, weaponary is still in talks, this is according to the signed agreement.
  • can't confirm how many JF-17s will arrive before March, but JF-17 will definitely fly on March 23rd in Islamabad
  • Two competing radars, one by Nanjing (lab 14) and other by Wuxi (lab 607). Doing testing on both radar as expected, they are both very good radar.
  • First couple to be equipped with Wuxi radar, the testing has already started, so far, the testing of performance has achieved extremely results
  • Out of the 8, some will be equipped with Nanjing and some with Wuxi radar
  • The first batch of JF-17 will definitely be using Chinese radar, they are already doing flight testing with them.
  • Pakistan currently looking at different competing systems and figuring out how many of each type it wants and when does JF-17 need them? They call it standard I and II system
  • Can't comment on whether weapon plans have been finalized, that's to be determined by the PAF ACM
  • He can confirm that there is no issue over the engine for JF-17
  • PAC has repairs F-16 engine, produced the engine for the Mirage planes and repaired the engines for F-7s and K-8s, engine maintenance for RD-93 shouldn't be an issue. PAC will obviously need China's help on this.
  • Production preparation for JF-17 has already begun in early 2007, mass production will begin in January of 2008
  • Will receive the production line (all the necessary equipment) and technical help from AVIC1 and CATIC by 2007
  • PAF wishes to produce enough JF-17s to replace F-7, looking to eventually produce 20 to 25 JF-17s a year
  • 150 is only the fix order, more will be ordered. There is also requirements for more
  • Feels there is good prospects for exports
  • Currently, the FBW is only in one axis, will eventually have a full FBW (also very soon).