Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Remaining part of Kanwa article

So, this is the final section that they had on JF-17 from this most recent edition of Kanwa.

Just a short summary on the above information that are not repeated in the interview

  • Originally expected the Chinese radar to be KLJ-10, but that's not the case
  • Galileo Avionica still wishes to win JF-17 contract due to their success with F-7PG. They believe that Pakistan is getting Chinese radar firm to fight out first and then getting the winner to fight out with Western radar firms.
  • China has offered a weapon package of SD-10, LT-2 and LS-6, but PAF has yet to finalize on their plans.
  • Starting from January 2008, PAC will produce 15-20 JF-17s per year. Current plan is 15 for 2008 and 20 for 2009. Finally hopes for 50% of JF-17 production in PAC.
  • PAC wishes to be able to do repairs on RD-93 in the future.
  • Pakistan wishes to eventually have a full digit quadriplex FBW system.
  • Norinco displayed a 500kg LGB called GB-1 in IDEAS 2006, similar to Krasnopol, which they somehow developed for guiding artillery and aerial bombs.
  • Norinco is not only trying to sell it for JF-17 but also A-5. At this point PAF thinks A-5 is about to retire, so has no interest in putting it on there.
  • GB1 bomb is similar in out appearance to LT-2, but with different guidance.
  • PAF got GBU-12 (paveway LGBs) from US and also the license production for GBU-12's laser guidance pod. LT-2 and GBU-12 are pretty much from the same generation, so LT-2 is facing "domestic" competition.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Pakistani News from Kanwa

Again, this is not a Pakistani military site, so I'm just posting some of the weapons that Pakistan is purchasing from China. And I'm trying to keep this to PN for this post.

Jalalat class FAC - 4 commissioned so far, using C-802.

Tariq class FFG - each equipped with 6 celled LY-60N SAM, with range of 13km, speed of mach 2.5, also mentionned that PN is looking to purchase Type 054 FFG from China.

This is a summary of the topic on F-22P

- 4 F-22P, 3 built in HD and 1 in Karachi

- Latest model of F-22P is no longer using 100 mm main gun, but AK-176M main gun. This gun is considered by PN as the fastest in the world

- F-22P uses some RCS reduction concept from 054

- Displacement is 2500 tonnes and max speed is 29 knots

- It uses C-802 and 2 China produced 30 mm CIWS

Monday, February 26, 2007

PAF and China

It's been a long time since I have found a good article on Kanwa on anything, but this is a really good find. This is an interview with General Ehsan Ul Haq, NI (M), Chairman of Pakistan’s Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. I think this probably is as solid of a source as there is. Anyway, I'm just going to post the article in original kanwa pictures and do a small summary and post a more informative translation + other Chinese related PN and PAF news tomorrow or through the rest of the week.

The following is with Khalid Choudhry, the chairman of PAC, on JF-17

A small summary is as follows, I will add more later:

  • Chinese AEW and Erieye will both be procured, PAF regards Erieye as AEW&C and Chinese AEW as AWACS, may point to Chinese one having more functionality.
  • JF-17 is not enough to fulfill the requirements of PAF, that's why PAF is also negotiating with China to get J-10, which will be designated as FC-20. However, PAF is not going to restrict itself to just one source, so it may still buy more F-16s.
  • JF-17s will definitely be in Pakistan prior to March 23rd.
  • The radar is a competition bw lab 14 and 607 right now, although European radar may get into the competition in the future.
  • As I predicted, the first 8 JF-17s, which are to be delivered by the end of this year, will all be using lab 607 radar.
  • PAF is still evaluating the weapons package, not restricting themselves to just Chinese ones
  • RD-93 engine is definitely not an issue contrary to Internet reports
  • Pakistan will start JF-17 production in 2008
  • 150 is just the first order of JF-17, there will be more orders from Pakistan.

J-10 winning more awards

I thought I'd start the Chinese air and naval news with something on J-10.

This is pretty huge.

2007年02月27日 10:30 中国新闻网
中新网北京2月27日电 (记者 孙自法)中共中央、国务院27日在北京人民大会堂举行2006年度国家科学技术奖励大会。“歼十飞机工程” 被授予中国2006年度国家科技进步特等奖。

From February 27th of 2007, the J-10 project was awarded China's 2006's national science/technology advancement specialty award. This is the second project to get this award after the 921 project (manned space flight).