Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Pakistani News from Kanwa

Again, this is not a Pakistani military site, so I'm just posting some of the weapons that Pakistan is purchasing from China. And I'm trying to keep this to PN for this post.

Jalalat class FAC - 4 commissioned so far, using C-802.

Tariq class FFG - each equipped with 6 celled LY-60N SAM, with range of 13km, speed of mach 2.5, also mentionned that PN is looking to purchase Type 054 FFG from China.

This is a summary of the topic on F-22P

- 4 F-22P, 3 built in HD and 1 in Karachi

- Latest model of F-22P is no longer using 100 mm main gun, but AK-176M main gun. This gun is considered by PN as the fastest in the world

- F-22P uses some RCS reduction concept from 054

- Displacement is 2500 tonnes and max speed is 29 knots

- It uses C-802 and 2 China produced 30 mm CIWS

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