Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Remaining part of Kanwa article

So, this is the final section that they had on JF-17 from this most recent edition of Kanwa.

Just a short summary on the above information that are not repeated in the interview

  • Originally expected the Chinese radar to be KLJ-10, but that's not the case
  • Galileo Avionica still wishes to win JF-17 contract due to their success with F-7PG. They believe that Pakistan is getting Chinese radar firm to fight out first and then getting the winner to fight out with Western radar firms.
  • China has offered a weapon package of SD-10, LT-2 and LS-6, but PAF has yet to finalize on their plans.
  • Starting from January 2008, PAC will produce 15-20 JF-17s per year. Current plan is 15 for 2008 and 20 for 2009. Finally hopes for 50% of JF-17 production in PAC.
  • PAC wishes to be able to do repairs on RD-93 in the future.
  • Pakistan wishes to eventually have a full digit quadriplex FBW system.
  • Norinco displayed a 500kg LGB called GB-1 in IDEAS 2006, similar to Krasnopol, which they somehow developed for guiding artillery and aerial bombs.
  • Norinco is not only trying to sell it for JF-17 but also A-5. At this point PAF thinks A-5 is about to retire, so has no interest in putting it on there.
  • GB1 bomb is similar in out appearance to LT-2, but with different guidance.
  • PAF got GBU-12 (paveway LGBs) from US and also the license production for GBU-12's laser guidance pod. LT-2 and GBU-12 are pretty much from the same generation, so LT-2 is facing "domestic" competition.

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