Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Some new findings from today

First, a nice picture showing J-11B from CFTE. Some training after the lunar new year.

Second one is from 891 experiment ship. Notice the FCRs with the big new radar.

My little imagination summary that I posted on SDF

- This new radar could retain SR-64's low altitude tracking capability + surface search capability. So, it will have to be located at the top of the aftmask like SR-64.
- On top of that, it should play the same as a Sampson or EMPAR. I'm hoping it's dual-faced AESA radar rather than a single faced PESA radar like EMPAR, but the cost for Sampson is obviously a lot higher.
A list of Sampson's functions
* Long and medium-range search
* Surface picture search
* High-speed horizon search
* High-angle search and track
* Multiple target tracking and multiple channel fire control.
So, 3 and 4 are basically old SR-64 tasks. It would have to have be rotating fast enough to provide mid course update to HH-16.
- Sea Eagle search radar's purpose would be for volume search and high altitude search, early warning - same role as Smart-L
- FCRs - be like MK-99 on DDG-51, basically providing terminal guidance and illumination of targets for HH-16. Now, this would allow it to direct a maximum of 8 missiles at terminal phase against 4 separate targets concurrently. While, other missiles could theoretically be in the air, not at the terminal phase and given update commands by the new MFR.

So, basically, this allows for higher tracking, better target sharing amongst ships using the same system, higher resolution, better detection of targets flying at different profile and higher capability against concentrated attack.

Anyhow, let's wait and see.

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