Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Recent News

First, new Varyag photos

Second, new pictures of 171 returning to Shanghai for maintenance

Third, a picture of the VLS of 051C

Fourth, a picture of the second 054A in HD finally being launched, interestingly enough, no sea eagle yet

Fifth, a picture of the first 054A in HP returning from sea test

Now, in the land of the aerial assets. Recently, we have seen evidences from photo leaks, military newspaper article and magazines of the following:
  • J-10 is being equipped (probably fully converted) in the 5th regiment in 2nd division
  • JH-7A has been spotted in a new PLAAF regiment in possibly 5th division (13-15th regiment) located in the Shandong area.
  • JH-7A also has been spotted in a PLANAF 14th regiment of 5th division in Jiaozhou in NSF
  • Z-10's first production batch is getting delivered this year
  • Z-8F has finally reached production level (according to this link, China produced 9 Z-8 in 2005, 12 in 2006 and at least 15 in 2007)

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