Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New submarine?

I really thought about waiting a bit and collect a few pictures before posting again until I saw this. And then I saw this tonight and I was quite shocked. Apparently, this is from the Wuhan shipyard. We were seeing pictures of a 039A Yuan class sub under construction in Wuhan for a while. (so we thought) And now, we are seeing two subs (one that is already in the water and the other that will be launched soon) in this photo and the one that is not in the water looks different from 039A to my untrained eyes. Again, if this is from Wuhan shipyard, then it could represent the evolution of the Song series to the next variant (039B?). Anyhow, I will stop embarrassing myself with what little I know about submarines here. Enjoy the picture.

And also, we saw what appears to be a new SRAAM on a magazine that is carried under the wings of a J-11B. Again, I will let the picture do the talking. You might want to right click on this picture and select view image (or something like that) to get a closer look at the missile.

Due to the feedback that the submarine picture is not visible, I'm posting another copy here


dlhh said...

Cannot see the sub picture. Please check out the image.

Feng said...

what do you mean you can see, the image is just at

dlhh said...

Thks. Can download the picture now.