Monday, February 11, 2008

chinese new year pictures

hey guys,

so, there has been a bunch of photos coming out with Chinese new year. Frankly, a lot of them are old pictures from earlier part of this year that were held back, so I will just post a subset of them.
Not much new going on with the shipyards, since this is when Chinese work places normally shut down.
First, some pictures of the second Yuan currently docked at Shanghai.

More pictures with 054A in service at ESF.

And of course, the MCM ships

And of course, the second experiment ship, 892, is finally coming into service


timurelame said...

Good pictures.
Now all we need is a pair of PLAN Ticonderoga class sized cruisers...

Unknown said...

Good pictures indeed...

We know that PLAN launches only a few vessels in each class, improves on it, then move to next class.
Has the PLAN settled on one class of frigates (054A) that theyre satisfied enough with to mass produce? Or would they prefer to add more "goodies" to it, like ASW capability?
What about destroyers? Has the PLAN settled on one class, like 052C, theyre gonna mass produce?

Feng said...

you can probably expect small improvement with each batch. Although, 054B should be using CODOG propulsion instead.

Anonymous said...

do you believe second yuan is good as amur or scorpene

Feng said...

probably not, but 039B might be. Who knows. There is a reason China isn't purchasing any Amur. I would say the electronics, sonar and torpedo (for sure) on Yuan would be better. This is from looking at what happened with the Kilo that we imported.