Saturday, February 2, 2008

Modified Yuan emerges

so, the new 039 variant we saw a couple of weeks ago has now finally launched. I got some photos here. It's definitely a clearer view than what we've seen before.

I can't say too much except that it definitely looks wider than Song for sure. With the new hump, its hull looks kind of odd. And the sail also looks wider than previously. Generally, it looks like larger than previous Yuan or Song.

Also of note from this week, we finally got confirmation that Yuan is using an AIP engine of 100 kw in power. It's most likely equipped with 2 such AIP engine. Interestingly, Gotland submarines use 2 V4-275R stirling AIP units (each rated 75 kw). The larger Yuan obviously needs the more powerful AIP units.
The original article from Science & Technology Daily is as follows (if you can read Chinese).


福州红庙岭垃圾填埋场从今年起,每年都将会发一笔“意外”之财。当然,并不真的是天上掉馅饼,而是因为历时 一年有余,其垃圾填埋场封场覆盖及填埋气发电项目终于竣工投产,以后每年可向华东电网输送1200万千瓦时 的电能。
  这个项目的核心———特种发动机技术的承建者,则是有30年特种发动机研究历史的———中国船舶重工集 团七一一研究所的下属单位上海齐耀动力技术有限公司。


  目前,这一发动机已成功应用于我海军新型AIP潜艇上。由于它不依靠空气推进的动力装置,大幅降低了潜 艇噪声,能使潜艇在水下长期航行,增强了潜艇的隐蔽性,进而大大提升了我国海军作战实力。

  此前这种船用发动机技术只有极少数国家掌控,如今完全实现了自主研发,被国内外誉为一颗强劲的“中国心 ”。

  特种发动机的研究,凝注了中国船舶重工集团公司七一一研究所研发人员数十年的心血。1975年,中国舰船研究院第七一一研究所成立特种发动机研究室, 1996年6月,成立特种发动机工程研究中心。经过“八五”、“九五”的研究,相继突破12项关键技术。1 998年,他们研制成功了拥有完全自主知识产权的我国第一台特种发动机原理样机之后,他们又研制成功了工程样机,总体水平达到了国际先进水平,部分技术处于国际领先地位。

  在特种发动机的研究过程中,七一一研究所以此为契机,培养了一大批技术骨干力量。从主持该项目之初,课题组只有10多人,而现在发展到100多人。涌现了上海市劳动模范、上海市青年科技英才等先进人物,也正是这支团队,多次被评为解放军总装备部“预研先进集体”,两次被授予“上海市劳动模范集体”称号 。


It talks about 711 institute developing this new special type of engine. This is already used on China's new AIP submarine. They developed 20 kw and 100 kw variants. They developed a prototype of this engine as early as 1998.


timurelame said...

I guess the PLAN will not be buying any more KILOs or other subs from Russia. With this new development, the PLAN is really catching up fast. I am sure there must be additional sub models coming down the pipeline in the future. Perhaps something similar to the German 212s? Still behind the Japanese Soryu class...but how far behind?

Unknown said...

I guess this is confirmation Yuan uses AIP then...certainly a step forward for PLAN.
But has there been any rumours of a successor to the Yuan?

Anonymous said...

F-119 engine is for what aircraft

Anonymous said...

do you think AWAC program is alway on development

Anonymous said...

what is LHD, LCAC ??????????????

Anonymous said...

do you think PLAAF can get aircraft like F 22/35 until 2015

Feng said...

to timurelame, looks lik PLAN is going solo. Looks like they might be just going to keep on upgrading 039 series. There is a lot of speculations right now, like they might go with more of a nuclear fleet in the future (not likely) or they might create a smaller nuclear sub (as part of the hi-lo with SSNs) or they might go with a more advanced nuclear sub that would be world class. Although, if you look at their requirements. They need something that's larger than 212/Gotland due to the long coastline, but not as large as Soryu/Oyashio, since they already have SSNs. Very soon, they should have retire all the 033s and only have improved 035s, kilos and 039s. That's a fairly modern fleet compared to what they had in 2002.

To Li,
as I said, there is always talks of successor. It just weather the successor will be another modification or a complete new series.

To Escobar,
you can google these things up.

timurelame said...

Latest news US NAVY sending 3 seawolves to the western Pacific. It's getting crowded there.

Feng said...

that's exactly why 095 is badly needed. They may be able to counter sea wolf with all land based ASW assets, but certainly not in the open sea.

timurelame said...

There are rumors that the PLAN has been interested in buying Beriev Be-200 for ASW purposes. Of course,
right now everyting is on hold because of the IL-76 contract dispute.

Anonymous said...

why they are sending seawolf to pacific
i thought los angeles class is already there

timurelame said...

The PLAN should continue to work with the Rubin Design Bureau if Russia will allow it. Certainly, PLAN's own R&D is becoming ever more important. Projects 095 and 096 will be critical for PLAN's long term plans. Project 096 is said be shaped more like a USN style SSBN, with more stealth and more destructive power.

On the flip side, PLAN needs more ASW capabilities as well. Y-8 derived ASW platforms may not be adequate.

Feng said...

i would say PLAN buying Be-200 is very probable if the entire IL-76 get resolved. After all, they signed an agreement on it in 2006.

All part of the ASW movement. It looks like Y-7 MPA is more likely at this point for ASW purpose. They might get their version of P-3C, although not as capable. Of course, there is still the issue of blue water ASW capability. That's entire dependent on SSNs right now.