Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chinese Patrol fleet

So, I noticed recently of a bunch of pictures of Chinese patrol ships coming out on Chinese bbs. I didn't think too much about them until Galrahn posted a note on this. You can see the English article on this here.

There are also a couple of Chinese articles that you can find here and here.

Basically, we can gather the following from these articles:

  1. They sent out Haixun-31, the largest and most capable Chinese patrol boat, in this 5 day mission sailing through 17,000 nm.
  2. Haixun-31's length is 112.8 m, beam is 13.8 m and draft is 4.38 m, the displacement is 3000 tonnes. The maximum speed is over 22 knots and it has a range of 6000 nm at 18 knots. It also has 40 days of endurance.
  3. It's the only Chinese patrol boat with a helipad, a hangar and a flight control tower.
  4. They also brought out Haixun-111, Haixun-113 and 60 other small patrol boats.
  5. What's interesting is that they sailed in the East Sea around Chunxiao gas field. This is significant because it's the major dispute between China/Japan in gas exploration.

So, to give you guys an idea of how large the patrol boats are, I'm posting a picture of Haixun-31 and a picture of the small boat.

We know about the deal recently signed between Japan and China on exploration for Chunxiao, but this exercise may have been planned before that agreement. Anyhow, I don't think Japan will appreciate this one too much.


timurelame said...

Just found this bit of news on Sinodefence: "China is planning to reopen the negotiation with Russia over a failed deal involving procuring 30 IL-76MD transport jets and 8 IL-78 refuelling tankers."

It seems that the PLAAF may finally have decided it's best to renegotiate the contract than to suffer any further delays in getting these much-needed large military transport planes and tankers.

If the deal goes through, then perhaps other Russian military weapons systems can be ordered by the PLA soon.
I think the S-400 SAMs, the Be-200 amphibious planes, and the Mi-26 large transport helicopters should top the list.

Feng said...

well, I think the helicopter discussions never really stopped because they were considered civilian. But S-400 and Be-200 are definitely on the shopping list.

Jiang said...

Well, getting rip off one last time is okay, because our country Chian has plenty of money now. But I think we really should learn a lesson on what the russians are!!! I think after getting our 38 IL-76 and IL-78 we should speed up our own large aircraft development!!!!

As for S-400, it is worth it to get some!!!! But FENG, we should never buy anymore JUNK fighters such as Su-30MKK3 or even SU-35BM and ships nor Subs from the russians again!!!

Feng said...

the il-76 deal will only go through if the cost increase is not outrageous. Russians have probably learnt by now that China does not get blackmailed easily.

timurelame said...

The IL-76/78s under current negotiations will most likely be the newest variants available, with updated avionics and engines.
Total cost may approach USD $1.5
billion dollars, about 40-50% higher than under previous contract.

The domestic large military transport project is under development in association with either Russian and/or Ukrainian assistance. Perhaps a stretched An-70 variant is in the works. Russia
and the Ukraine still can provide China with much needed large aircraft technology at this point.

For civilian large transports, working with Airbus and Bombardier are probably the best options.

If the IL-76/78 contract goes through, will the Russians sell more technologically advanced
weapon systems to the PLA?
With time, the PLA will become more and more self sufficient and import less and less.

Jiang said...

Well, if it cost 1.5 billion for 30Il-76 and 8 IL-78 then it is not that bad after all.

Feng said...

well, I'm not sure whether to trust SDF's numbers or not. This is still speculations at this point.

Unknown said...

I read the article again and I realised something is wrong... 17000 nm in five days averages just over 140 nm an hour.

...rather fast for a ship. I think it should be 1700 nm.