Monday, August 4, 2008

August 1st photos

So, they finally posted some new photos this weekend as part of the August 1st celebration. I got some really nice photos of 054/As serving for ESF. Especially the first one with all 4 054s from ESF together, it's really quite a beaut.

A nice portrait of 167 with Hu Jintao overlooking

And a couple of shots of 170

And the sovs now

And a couple of MCM shots.

And the medical ship, I'm always confused by this one, I was under the impression they put the pennant number on it as 920 a long time ago.

Finally, a few pictures showing 403 before and after the refitting. It gives you an idea of the changes done to 091s.
The first one was taken when 401 was still in service. I think only 403 to 405 went through the refitting.

It's kind of interesting comparing to the old 403 to the new 403. From just my untrained eyes comparing them, I get the following differences:
  • the new one has the flank array sonar (from the markings)
  • the old limber line has now become a series of dotted lines of limber holes (in line with their newer submarines)
  • The vertical fin on the sail looks much smaller in size in the new 403
  • They seem to have put a new layer of anechoic tile over 403, because its surface looks similar to Yuan and 093. Whereas the surface on the old 403 picture looks like it's almost peeling off.
  • The vertical "part" next to the bow sonar line on old 403 picture has been replaced with just a couple of sensors sticking out in the new 403 picture.


Unknown said...

Sorry off topic.
In 2006 China showed interest in Su-33 sea flankers.. the report also mentioned of possible ToT of sea flankers for J-11s as china desires to upgrade its J-11 fleet for sea role while Su-30mkk for air and land role.. i would like to see your blog on that..

Feng said...

if you search a little bit, I've talked about naval flankers. Basically, they are working on it, should be ready for domestic carrier.

Unknown said...
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