Friday, May 22, 2009

Latest pictures from Dalian

I've actually had these photos for a few days, but have been too busy to post them. They've been posted in other places already, but I thought I could offer some of my thoughts. Here are the photos (The final one is a rough blueprint of Varyag):

The first thing I noticed was that there are 3 large cranes around Varyag, which means a lot of resources could be devoted to do the intended work. We also see some scaffolding around the island, which should allow workers to access the flight deck and do their work. The entire right side of the flight deck seem to be open. That's where the VLS for shipwreck missiles used to be located. Looks like a lot of work is going to be done there. One of the past theories is that an engine could lowered through there to provide for its propulsion. I guess we will just have to wait and see what they intend to do with it. In the first picture, you can see a circled block there. A lot of people are speculating that it could be a catapult, I think its dimensions don't seem to fit that theory. Again, another thing to watch out for. The other interesting thing is that the huge containers on the flight deck of the Varyag from the move have all been removed now. Maybe all of that stuff have already been installed. If that's the case, then they really have been working pretty fast on it.

That's about all from Varyag front, I'm sure we will get more photos soon.

We also some new photos of the submarine tenders out of the Guangzhou shipyard this week and they are as follows:


Unknown said...

Unfortunately China's military potential scares the hell out of everyone except China. I know I am, but honestly as a world power they do have a right to build their military power as they see fit, as long as they don't use it in an offensive position; however, looking at America's military posturing I don't even have a right to say that.

I love my country and as most Americans we just want to feel safe. I guess that the people of China and the Chinese government don't want to feel that they can be pushed around by the US so they are building up their Army, NAvy and Air Forces. So the world is left wondering to what end.

I guess what scares me is that China has threatened to nuke American cities such as Seattle, San Francisco and Las Vegas. The USA has never threatened the use of nukes since the Cuban Missile Affair and the world saw how that turned out...we almost detroyed the world. If it wasn't for the cool head of a Russian Submarine officer and JFK and Kruschev realizing just how close we were to the brink, the world would be a different place.

I honestly believe the United States and Russia realized at that point Nukes are very dangerous, for everyone. I mean I just watched a documentary and JFK was so scared, he felt that the US Military would over throw the government and remove him from power so they could launch an attack.

So honestly I think people are just worried that China might not realize how bad Nukes are and risk a conventional war that if IF it got out of hand would lead to a disaster.

On the other hand, does China honestly feel the US would ever attack them? I mean come on really? Honestly I don't believe so.

I see a lot of people on both sides saying that the US would WIN or that China would WIN,but actually we would all lose.

If the Chinese people are happy with their government then the US should leave them alone and vice versa. The days of shot gun diplomacy are over.

China is a world power and I hope they take their place as a thoughtful and peaceful people.

And as scared as I am, I can't argue against them building their military.

timrockets said...

hi celietz...
i see ur comment and i must sign up and reply you...

1. every country has the right to build up their defence miliary, especially for china when she has been attacked because not having a strong army
2.yes, everyone would like to feel safe, however, does it mean that americans should build like 10 nuclear aircraft carrier to theaten others in order to let their people to feel safe?
3.everyone understands how dangerus is nuclear weapons, although we do not know how many nuclear arms does china actually got (estimated ~300), but please check out how many do the american owns and their spendings on military.
4.and yes, do the people in ameria actually feel that china will ever attack them with no reason? i dont think is the us attacking the weaks and end up their soliders getting owned...

no one like war but should some of the americans stop spearding the so call 'threat of china' when they have military bases all around china and spying china by navy ships?

Silverado said...


Sorry to tell you there have been 5 instances where the US has considered using nuclear weapons on China and not out of retaliation but for strategic reasons. I believe the last was during the Vietnam War where someone in the US hatched a plan to involve the Soviet Union where both would attack China and they would divide China between the two. And the first instance where General MacArthur wanted to nuke China while they were in Korea and invade from there. To which forced China into the Korean War. A Chinese general saying that China can nuke the US is nothing when the US has actually considered using nukes on China not out of self defence but for strategic purposes.

Unknown said...

There is no record of China invading or attacking any nations in its long history unlike the American in their short history had invaded several countries and destroying the land and murdering innocent citizens. (even now in Afghanistan and Pakistan) In their own land they wantonly massacred the native Indians simply to steal their land. They went to war with Mexico on a pretext just to annex vast lands to expand their territory. They threatened and forced weaker countries to let them set up bases (That is how they have so many bases) and even made some sucker countries to pay for them (Like South Korea and Japan). Yes they had pushed China around for a very long time and even threatened to nuke them on several occasions (Even now they claimed unreasonable rights to spy on China by air and by sea. I can go on and on and the list is extremely long but suffice for now to say that American are the most warlike nation, a threat to world peace, and a nation one cannot trust. (One of their prominent leaders, Henry Kissinger, I believe, once said it is dangerous to be American friend. It is safer to be her enemy) One Red Indian Chief said that the White Chiefs made many agreements, treaties and promises which they never keep except one and that is to kill as many Indians as possible (Better still to wipe them out) and they did. Of course they will tell you that they did all these for the good of the world for they are fighting for freedom and democracy that is why they need to find excuses always to find an enemy (especially weak ones) to fight in order to kill them by the millions and then take over control of them and to build bases there. BTW do anyone really believe they will leave Iraq willing without establishing a single base there on the pretext of ensuring security? I am sure all of you will agree with me that we can do without such freedom and democracy as espoused by those lying warmongering hypocrites. That is why I strongly support China right to a strong military force to ensure that America can never threaten it like they did before. Another thing to consider is that the American had been encouraging Japan to rearm to counter China hoping that Japan do their dirty fighting like the stupid British and Australian.

Unknown said...

War is bad and it brings deaths, miseries and untold suffering to innocent citizens. I am totally anti-war.

Just imagine what can be achieved if the billions spent on weapons are diverted to feed the world millions poor people, to better their living condition and to live in peace. Look at India. It is such a poor country (75% are living in condition way below sub standard) and the government is spending billions on weapon including WMD while ignoring its people plight. American can better use the money to better its citizens lives and to put a brake on their crumbling economy and save themselves from bankruptcy. A lot can be achieved for the good of humanity with the billions spent on unnecessary weapon, and making war.

Do you all agree with?

Feng said...

This is not meant to be a political site. I will just stop by saying that I believe economic reasons will far out way any desires for military conflict. We are at a point in history where economy dictates gov't policies.

Tejaswy said...

@KOH What does your Chinese history say about in Indo China war I wonder.

75% living below poverty line in India... get your figures right
Its 25% for India and 8% for China (The Chinese figure is released by GoC so I am tempted to square the:D)

Albert said...

@Teja,On the other hand, I would not put India above from falsifying figures because I read an article before that in the early 1990s, India was caught padding the GDP figures. Reality is India's supposed GDP growth is not translated into obvious evidence such as the tremendous growth of cities and infrastructure that you can see very evident not only in China but other East Asian countries. So where does the money go?

Jiang said...

lol Teja. Can you expalin to me why is that 75% of indians do not have proper access to toliet and on the street of "advanced" city like boombay, deli people simply pi$$ing and crap on the street.LMAO!!

Also, why does india have such high HIV, Aids and STD infection rate?? You might say that China is polluted?? But we Chinese on average live 79 years old the third longest and healthest in Asian only Japan, and South Korea has slightly higher average, but in your india people barly live 60 years old. WOW!!

So next time please do not put your indian pride on this web side ok, this site is not about your country and politics. (BTW, I do not mean to hurt you, just state the fact, I know you indians always BS about China if your filth IDF, and Bahrat Sh!T form) That is why Pakistanis are so mad at you and you guys are not welcomed in PDF.

Unknown said...

Teja I know you are sored because the truth is very hurtful and hard to swallow. By your posting I gather you are an India Indian. I can tell you a lot of true facts about India (Articles written by Indians) but I am not going to get into an argument with one who is blinded by national pride.
The Chinese only attacked Indo-China because of provocation and to teach them a lesson just as they did to India in l962 but they withdrew after they had made clear their points. Incidently in the case of India the land disputed belong to Tibet which is part of China but were wrested from them by the British at the time when China was weak and given to India (which they had no right) when they left. For your information I read this article some years back and it is written by an Indian who admitted that Nehru was foolhardy to start the war and had to turn to America begging for help when faced with defeat.
When you said "My Chinese History" you are being downright rude as you yourself does not know your facts well. Moreover I am not a China Native as you imagined.
My article was merely intended to bring about an awareness of the evil of war and unnecessary spending on weapons of death and destruction causing untold misery and suffering. Must be be so agitated over a statement of fact.
Jiang had agreed to my figure of 75% and for your information this was aknowledged and well known to all but yourself who are in self-denial.