Friday, June 12, 2009

Up close photos of a 054A

I saw these really quality up close photos of 054A on the different sensors and weapons, so I decided to post them.
Type 730 CIWS

Decoy Launchers

The 76 mm main gun, based on AK-176M

The Main Volume Search Radar - Sea Eagle Radar

The satcom - I mighty be wrong on this one

The FCRs used to terminally guide HH-16 - Similar to Orekh

The Sensors on the Aftmast including SR-64 and Light bulb datalink

SR-64 - works well with Type 730 CIWS in tracking/engaging sea-skimming missiles


YellowDragon said...

is type 730 CIWS based on type LD-2000 SPAAG ? The form of type 730 on the photo seems similarly with the form of LD-2000 or the western CIWS Goal-Keeper.
Do you have any confirmation about it ?
Thanks in advance.

Feng said...

I think it's the other way around. Also, Type 730, even though it doesn't have missiles, is considered to be more advanced.