Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pictures of new 054A and Yuan

This appears to be a photo of a New Yuan Submarine. It's been kind of interesting, because we haven't seen much of Yuan after the 2nd block (which was about 3 units) were launched pretty close together from late 2007 to early 2008. Anyhow, here is a new Yuan (probably the 5th) that seems to have a little difference from previous Yuans.

The ones below are the photos of the 4th unit of 054A from HuangPu shipyard. I'm actually kind of impressed by how fast this one is progressing, because the 3rd one only got launched a few month ago. In fact, the 3rd one just started its sea trials and the 3rd one from HD shipyard still has a couple of months to go before starting sea trials. The other piece of news with regard to 054A is that the 054A ship that went to patrol pirate is now sailing to Pakistan. I think this could be part of the sales pitch to the Pakistani Navy. Anyhow, where are the pictures:


duskylim said...

Dear Feng:

While I have no doubts that the Pakistani navy ardently wants this frigate (054A) I have even graver doubts of their ability to pay for them.

Given the dire straights of their economy, they may even not be able to pay for the Type 22 frigate China has/is building for them

Feng said...

Yeah, that's a big question, how would Pakistanis be able to pay for military acquisitions with their current financial situation. My guess is that having more financial problems means they will just make the order later. They will have to make replacement eventually.

jxz said...

Fend and Duskylim,

Perhaps they could arrange some flexible payment plans with PLA, such as leasing their harbor for 50 years in exchange for some 054As?

Jiang said...

We Chinese, have to take good care of our true friends the Pakistanis. They are truthworthy!!!

As for 054A, we can sell them, but we should package them with other weapons as well such as SAMs and more aircrsfts. We can be generous about these deals since they now have money issures.

Unknown said...

Hi Everyone
True, Pakistan has financial problems and may not be able to afford 054A. In this case I think the problem could be resolved by various ways. One of which is as what jxz wrote - the leasing of their harbor (to be precise a naval base) for China's navy. Secret arrangements to provide/transfer informations, datas or specifications of western weapon systems, radars and so forth denied to China as a result of the embargo but already acquired by Pakistan. These are just some possibilities. Frankly I think China will assist Pakistan to counter India naval built-up.

jxz said...

There are no such thing as "trustworthy" friends on international affairs. There are only temporary friends that in need of each other. China used to consider USSR, but look what happened in the late 1950s? China used to consider Vietnam as a great friend, but look what happened in the late 1970s? China used to consider North Korea as a done deal, but now... You get the idea. Stop being so naive think that there are true friendships.

Jiang said...

lol, yeah right. Right now Pakistan is our ally weather bhindians like it or not!! Look at what happen to US-Britian?? They are friend or foe??? Look at US-Japan, are the friend or foe??

You try to sell that kinda of crap like China has no truthworthy friend, u should just go pound sand!!

Jiang said...

Also, jxz is a retard!! He says that USSR turn against us, yes they did. But now Russia is our ally. How do u explain that??

jxz said...

@ Jiang: calling names isn't helping your cause. Have you asked yourself why Russia is friendly to China now? Do you recall the Sino-Soviet border conflict? That's right you weren't even born yet. If China isn't flush with $ to buy Russian weapons, if China isn't facing the same international rival as Russia is facing, do you think Russia will be friendly to China? The Sino-Russian relationship is a typical example of friendship based on mutual interest, and it is as temporary as your girlfriend, that's if you had one.

Unknown said...

Hi Guys
Let not turn this discussion into an ugly Squabble as it served no useful purpose other than to get us all heated up. We must bear in mind that there will always be differing views and as long as the views are rational and presented in a civil manner then we must respect those views
To be fair, it is a verified truism that no country can be friend with another country for all time. National interest will always come to the fore sooner or latter and can turn friend to foe. In the case of america it is a special nut case with a die die attitude to be meddlesome and a trouble maker and we can leave it out. Anyway it is a very dangerous country to be friend with.
In the case of Russia and China we must not forget that Russia occupied large chunk of China territories. (For example Machuria is now divided almost into half as inner and outer Manchuria with Russia occupying the outer portion. Currently China is at peace with Russia for obvious reasons like oil, weapons, and technologies and is in position to act otherwise. Russia is willing to accommodate China for monetary benefit but at the back of their mind they are worried and have taken tough measures to keep Chinese out of the occupied areas to avoid adding more Chinese already there. We all know that america has been harping on this issue as if to remind Russia about their occupation of large chunk of lands rightfully belonging to China. They kept on harping that China is bidding its time to reclaim lost land. Neccessities made strange bedfellows but for how long. When the chips are down that is when the fireworks will start.
One point we cannot ignore is that China will assist Pakistan in the way I had stated earlier in order to keep india busy just as america is now willing to supply india with military hardwares after having ignore them for so long. Why? Because they want to win india over to their side with intention to surround China.
India will learn in time to come what will happen if they don't toe yankee's line.