Saturday, September 5, 2009

Latest pictures from PLAN

We've got a bunch of new photos recently from Dalian on Varyag and also HuDong shipyard on the 3rd unit of 054A from there and the 2nd F-22P.

I don't think they are actually taking down the island on Varyag any further, but it looks like they are going to modify it just from the look of the pictures.

Now, a bunch of pictures from the 3rd 054A of HD shipyard. Looks like they are almost ready for this ship to start sea trials.

And here are the more up close shots of 054A's foremast, the Sea Eagle volume search radar, Type 730 and AK-176M

And here is 252, the second unit of F-22P. The first one has already been handed over to PN

Some really up-close shots of 022. The first one shows its propulsion with name Kamewa, which was bought out by Rolls Royce. I think I read a while ago that Rolls Royce was supplying party of the propulsion system for 022. The second one shows the window of a 022 (I'm not sure why the colouring here is black and white), but I think the window edging was done that way to make it more stealthy. By the way, if you look at 022 closely, you will see that even the smallest windows using this kind of edging rather than the normal straight edges.


emptyoceans said...

Great pictures. Thank you sharing. Looks like very good build quality.

Pete said...

The British have tested stealthy painting with their nuclear submarines. So China painting the submerged surfaces on a surface warship may be a limited testbed for true submarine painting schemes to follow.

duskylim said...

Dear Feng:

With all the excitement about the military parade this October 1 pictures of the PLAN and in particular, modifications of the Varyag and launching on the newest 054A's took a back seat.

Still the pictures are exceptionally clear and the detail is excellent. Great job. Especially the ones of the 022 FAC's pump-jets.

It looked like more of the same with the big news on the 054A's being the return to the tapered section atop the bows, rather than the graceful flowing curve of her predecessors.

BUT, and a very big BUT.... I invite you to take another VERY CLOSE look at the picture of the Type 730 CIWS system with blue cranes in the background.

BECAUSE JUST BEHIND the Yellow Wrapping on the barrels of the Type 730 is a canvas-covered object - which APPEARS to be an FL-3000 launcher underneath!!!!

I looked up the pictures from Zhuhai 2008 and there is definitely a very strong resemblance.

Please comment.

Feng said...

If i'm not wrong, that covered system should be the multi-purpose launcher for decoys and such

Unknown 1 said...

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