Thursday, October 22, 2009

New J-10 regiment

This will be a quick post. We've been waiting a while for the new J-10 regiment to be unveiled. So far, we've seen J-10s at FTTC, 44th division, 1st division, 2nd division and 3rd division. There were some talk recently about J-10 becoming part of the August 1 Aerobatic Demonstration Team with a picture below showing a J-10S in August 1 colours.

This demonstration team is based out of Yangcun Air Force Base, home to the 24th Fighter Division. There were some speculations that J-10 will also replace the 70th regiment J-8B/E, which are really old. Interestingly enough, we saw this today.

It shows 30651 in the numbering, which would be a number used by the 70th regiment (30x5x). If this is a valid picture (and it seems that way), then that means 24th division will have a new J-10 regiment and also J-10 for the August 1 Aerobatic Demonstration Team.

There is also talk with GE photos that a new regiment is being formed at the 9th division. At this point, it's still not conclusive.

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Alert 5 said...

Its public knowledge that August 1st will transition to J-10, the team commander said it last month.