Monday, January 11, 2010

China Tests Midcourse Missile Interception

Well, the Chinese military bbs is abuzz today with the news that China has tested mid-course missile interception system. It was conducted within China's borders and achieved expected objectives. This test is ground based and the Chinese military fans are now waiting for the sea-based system.

I don't know what missile was used to conduct the test or what the target is. We do know that China had conducted some anti-ballistic missile tests earlier and that ASAT test in 2007. This test seems to be another milestone in establishing a national missile defense system.

Here is an article on this:
BEIJING — China has successfully intercepted a missile in mid-flight, state media said on Tuesday, in a test of its advanced air defence capabilities amid tensions over US arms sales to Taiwan.

"China conducted a test on ground-based midcourse missile interception technology within its territory. The test has achieved the expected objective," Xinhua news agency said of Monday's test.

"The test is defensive in nature and is not targeted at any country," it added.

The news comes shortly after a US official in Taipei said the Pentagon had approved the sale of Patriot missile equipment to Taiwan as part of a package passed by Congress more than a year ago.

Beijing -- which considers Taiwan part of its territory and has vowed to take the island back, by force if necessary -- has repeatedly voiced its protest over the sales and urged Washington to cancel the deal.

China's defence ministry had warned at the weekend that it reserved the right to take unspecified action if Washington followed through with the sale, which it called a "severe obstacle" to China-US military ties.

The United States is the leading arms supplier to Taiwan, even though it switched diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979.

The Chinese government has poured money into its military in recent years as part of a major modernisation drive.

China's military spending rose 15.3 percent in 2009 to 69 billion dollars, according to a budget submitted to parliament in March, the latest in a string of double-digit increases.

Amid growing concern overseas about China's military intentions, Beijing stresses the defensive nature of its armed forces.

The Global Times quoted senior military strategist Yang Chengjun as saying that the test had "ushered China into a new phase in terms of missile interception technologies".

"China needs an improved capability and more means of military defence as the country faces increasing security threats," Yang was quoted as saying.


Unknown said...

China is a real Arrogant to this world . The Judgment day is near to them .

peasant said...

China has been around for thousands of years. Inconveniently as it is, you can't simply wish it away

Unknown said...

The Judgment day is near to them. Who is them? The murderous Americans with its pet dogs.

Mike said...

lol@su30 ^_^

Unknown said...


Type99 said...

Indians are freaking out, should deploy system in Pakistan.

Indian missiles are old school.

None said...

What kind of credible references exist regarding a sea-based missile defense interceptor? There have been rumors of an HQ-26 program from the Chinese blogosphere, but nothing has leaked from authoritative industry sources.

Jiang said...

Well, our Su-30MKBhindian is speaking again. As usual these gutter r@t never stop bashing China. The judgment day is indeed near to the r@t hole bhindia, when Pakistani nukes kiss Bhindia, it will be their dooms day.


Feng said...

hmm, well as part of BMD program, you'd think sea based one will be deployed eventually, but we will have to see China's next generational destroyers first. They may or may not be able to carry missiles capable of intercepting ballistic missiles.

Mike said...

Really doubt a sea based BMD is in the works right now, the PLAN would probably divert most of its resources to more "critical" areas like integration of C4ISR, improving surface and underwater warfare capabilities & OTH radar systems. I could be wrong but BMD should not be high on the list of priorities right now. PLAN is likely to go el cheapo since the best bang for the buck is "best defense is a strong offense".