Monday, March 22, 2010

Varyag is out

Well, these pictures came out this weekend.

Shows that Varyag has left the dry docks in Dalian with the modified island. Although at this point, they really haven't put any of the sensors on the island yet. Looks like all of the dry dock work has been done and they will start to really install on the electronics now.

What I hear is that they completely redesigned the inside of the ship. They put a lot of serious investment into putting Varyag back into service, so it may serve past just having training purpose. Just waiting patiently for the next stage now.


SINOGASS said...

looking forward of the next stape.

ao said...

This explains those new destroyers... Though I wonder why the Chinese boast large destroyers. Carrier fleets usually have small but fast aegis-equipped destroyers; having large ships aside the carriers won't do it any good. In any case, There will be a technological close-in from 2018-2025 when China will have a working blue navy as well as the same generation of aircrafts as the US. If Taiwan is to be "liberated," it's gotta be before the Japanese gets the F-22s.