Sunday, April 25, 2010

New pictures of Varyag

Just saw some new photos of Varyag. Looks like they are close to finish painting the island. Not only that, I would saw that the structure of the island has now been modified to it's final form. I am just waiting for the sensors to be installed on the island. I have attached a photo of the mock up in Wuhan for comparison. I think that they should eventually look the same

Picture of the full scale mock up in Wuhan for reference:


Christian Brotherhood said...

Varyag finally shows some sign of revitalization. I don't understand why they spent so long time on her with so little to show off. They ought to scrap the ship and study her while doing it; then try to build one from bottom up.

xiaotangfeidao said...

Dear Feng, I have just read from another blog that another J10 fighter crashed on the 27th of april 2010, most likely due to engine failure. Do you have any info on the state of the ws-10a turbofan engine? I know at the end of last year, the quality of the engine was still suspect. Has any changes happend since then? Thank you so much.

Feng said...

They are working on WS-10A on J-10, but obviously it's not ready to equip all of J-10s yet. They will rely on AL-31FN for a while longer since the older J-10s will still use AL-31FN. I don't think FWS-10A is that far away.