Saturday, July 10, 2010

J-15 finally appearing?

We've received the first good clear picture of what appears to be J-15, the naval fighter jet to be used on future aircraft carriers.

On a side note, it looks like PLAN's aviation arm is going to be taking some J-10s, although I doubt those will actually be naval fighters.


Wen said...

that's amazing! people have guts these days!!

thanks for sharing though :)

can't really tell any difference from su-33 from this angle, but what do you reckon, feng?

Sean O'Connor said...

The only visible difference so far from an Su-33 is the J-11B style wingtip rails.

Jiang said...

Feng, the russians are once again downplaying Chinese. I just checked J-15 on Wikapidea. They say that it is not as good as SU-33

But I know that J-15 has the avonics and radar from J-11B which are at least 25 years more advanced than SU-33.

What do you think??

Unknown said...

With the release of pictures of what is allegedely the J-15, I'm a bit disapointed that they didn't try to incorporate canted tails like those found in the F-18 and the new F-15 Silent Eagle into the prototype aircraft.

I hope that there's a 2nd J-15 prototype in the works that has canted tails, though I'm not holding my breath over it. My understanding is that canted tails can give you reduced radar cross-section and a lower take-off speed, which would be ideal in a carrier aircraft.

Jiang said...

btl25, you are right. The F-15SE has frontal stealthness such as canted vertical stabalizer, and internal weapon carrying ability, which gives it combat advantage.

Hope the next J-11 will have such features

Feng said...

hmm, don't expect too much out of SAC with this one. Their goal is to just get something out there that works. Why do people expect something that different from su-33?

Remember, the carrier should be ready by 2015. Do you really want to get that risky with the fighter jet?

Chibundu Edward said...

Its pretty cool, but why cant the chinese do some thing of their own...?

cara-blog said...

good blog, thanks for this good information :)

Anonymous said...

I heard from many Chinese sources that the carrier-based J-10 will be twin-engined and be called the J-10C.

It will have 2 RD-33 engines and will have similar configuration to the J-10B.

It made its first flight in 2009 and will be deployed soon.

* Note: the RD-33 is a small engine, so the airframe doesn't need a significant enlargement.

Feng said...

they are not going with J-10 for naval fighter

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