Sunday, March 27, 2011

Varyag's island is almost complete

Having just got back today from an one week vacation, I found that Varyag's island is almost complete. It has been completely painted and the scaffolding have been taken down. The only obvious missing part are the four MFR panels. Although, it does look like some other sensors will be installed before all is said and done.


Jiang said...

Feng, Varyag is almost done.

But what about the J-15?? Is it almost complete, how good is the J-15 comparing with J-11B??

Feng said...

should still be a couple of more years until J-15's flight trials are done. It takes many years for J-15 to be ready, because China has never had an operational airwing before. Even if J-15 goes through all of its flight trials and such, it still has to do a bunch of operational training with Varyag. It really takes decades to produce a competent carrier op force. PLAN is still at the starting steps and got a lot to learn.

Jiang said...

What about new carriers?

Are the Chinese producing new carriers?

Last time I heard they are building two 65,000-70,000 tons carriers at ShangHai ship yard.

It makes sense. The new carriers are gonna take 4 years to complete during this time J-15 will be tested on Varyag and by then, J-15 should be ready and installed on the new carriers.

Feng said...

I'm sure they are and have already started, but the blocks are not large enough to be noticed yet. One step at a time, the most important part is not how many carriers they build in the next 10 years, but how well they learn carrier operations and naval aviation.

John said...

Would the new carrier be built at ChangXing Island? If so, as shown in the Goggle map, it seems there is a covered berth big enough for a 1000' long hull, but that covered building seems not big enough to put the flight deck on, so the flight deck has to be put on in open air. If there is the case, the new carrier could be as big as Nimitz class carrier.

Jiang said...

I think they are being build in ShangHai. Around 70,000 tons.

I beleive Chinto a will have around 6 to 7 carriers by 2020.

China is not interested building 12 carriers. 6 carriers will mean 2 balttle group ready at all time and that is enough.

I personally think the Chinese are more interested in stealth DDG and nuke subs than Carriers. The new American DDG-1000 got Chinese very interested. They might have a similar design already.

Unknown said...

Hi Feng,
Would you please comment on the huge parts behind Varyag?

Feng said...

I really don't know enough to comment on the stuff in the docks.

John said...

From the Google map, it showed that Dalian Shipyard built large ore carriers. In the last Varyag photos, it seems the structures on the dock behind Varyag were the double bottom blocks for those ore carries, particular those slant ones, which should be the side double bottom blocks. The configuration of those blocks is not suitable for aircraft carrier. At the same time there is no large covered building berth in Dalian Shipyard for building new aircraft carrier unless China wants to build the new aircraft carrier in the open air like Newport News Shipyard.