Monday, May 2, 2011

Latest activities from JN shipyard

First, a thanks to the navy seals that were involved in killing Osama Bin Laden. There were certainly a lot of celebrations in New York last night. A lot of New Yorkers (including my room mate whose father broke his leg and uncle died in 911) received some measure of closure. Secondly, for all of the times where I questioned President Obama's policies, I cannot help but to admire his ability to deliver a speech that summed up the feelings of so many Americans.

Now, back to what I normally talk about: PLAN.

Although I'm not posting it here, the 5th 054A from HD shipyard has been launched and the 6th 054A from HP shipyard looks about to be launched. For those who are counting, 2 054 and 9 054As have entered service and 2 more 054As are launched or about to be launched.

More interestingly, we received a bunch of photos this weekend from JN shipyard of the 4 new 052Cs. I've read that new Yuan submarines and possibly more MCM ships are also under construction in this shipyard, but have not seen their pictures yet.

The first two pictures show the third 052C still getting fitted out. Compared to the start of this year, a good number of the foremast sensors are installed now (including SR-64). I think they still have to install those ECM/ESM bulbs amongst other things. I do not know what kind of work are done in fitting the inside of this ship, but it seems like they are taking a long time to get the ship ready for sea trials.

The next two pictures show the fourth 052C. From these angles, it's hard to make out its progress since the last set of photos. I do think that with the superstructure of this ship is fully in place, so it should take much longer before this ship can be launched.

The next two pictures show the modules of the fifth 052C. As you can see, the hull of the ship is almost ready to be assembled from these modules. We may have to wait until the 4th ship is launched before this unit can enter the dry docks.

The next two pictures show the modules of the sixth 052C. This one is a little further away from dry docks, but my guess is that it will still be launched at sometime in the middle of next year.

Finally, the person who posted these pictures also indicate that the area pointed in this next photo is an aircraft carrier currently under construction. Of course, it's too early to verify this information.

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