Monday, September 19, 2011

Chinese 500 ton FAC for Pakistan

In late February 2010, PN issued a tender for procurement of two 500-ton Fast Attack Craft (FAC).

The main characteristics for the FAC as follows:

-Full load displacement of 500-600 tons
-Overall length of 60 meters (196.8ft)
-Radius of action equal to or greater than 500 nautical miles, max speed 30 knots
-Complement of 55-60 personnel
-And fitted with the following weapon and sensor systems:
-8 Chinese C-802A SSMs
-Two 25mm close range semi-automatic EO/IR AA guns
-Two 12.7mm machine guns
-Chaff and IR decoys
-Air/Surface search radar with track while scan (TWS) function
-Electro optical director and fire control radars for associated weapons
-Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) System
-Modern C3 System

In December of last year, a Chinese firm was selected to build these boats. In March of this this year, the keel laying ceremony of Fast Attack Craft FAC(M) of Pakistan Navy was held at Xinggang Shipyard, Tianjin.

Tuesday. Vice Admiral Tanveer Faiz Ahmed HI (M) was Chief Guest in the ceremony.

Pakistan Navy has signed a contact with China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Company Limited (CSOC) for construction of two state-of-the-art Missile Craft.

Construction of two crafts in parallel i.e. one in China and other in Pakistan at KS&EW, is in progress as a joint venture of two countries. Upon completion of construction activities in October 2011, the first Missile Craft will join the PN Fleet.

Note that the last part stated this ship will be completed by October of this year. We have received a couple of photos of it just last night. I'm still waiting for more photos to come out before making assessments.

This FAC will probably end up looking something like this:


Qasim said...

It does not seem to be equipped with torpedoes. Perhaps it isn't designed for ASW.

Feng said...

well, it's a FAC. All it needs to be is really stealthy, have point defense and be able to carry 4 to 8 AShM. I don't think FACs should cary more than that.

duskylim said...

Hard-hitting, but short range, and certainly NOT a deep-sea vessel.

This is ideal for protection of coastal and in-shore areas from assault from the sea.

Mobile and hard-to-track with a very heavy ASW punch.

Most submarines could not operate well in the shallow waters patrolled by this vessel.

Qasim said...

Feng you are right - afterall, an FAC cannot replace the 053H3/054A that the PN may operate.

I hope Pakistan gets some more of these from our Chinese friends, as these really do complicate the threat-projection calculation of any adversary seeking to take advantage of the comparatively smaller number of surface vessels PN operates(compared to the adversary).

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