Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Latest activity at HD shipyard

I know that I haven't posted any updates of PLAN for a while. Yesterday, I saw some pictures that are truly worth posting. A little while ago, the second Type 071 LPD finally sailed off for sea trials after spending better part of the past year next to the docks. Now, we have seen the 3rd Type 071 LPD launched. At the same time, the 6th 054A from HD shipyard was also launched. The interesting part was that they were in such a rush to put this ship in the water that they had not even painted it. I guess HD shipyard was getting nervous HP shipyard might launch its 7th 054A before the 6th 054A from HD gets launched. Either way, there is quite a bit of progress at Hudong shipyard recently.

Here are some pictures of the third Type 071. There is also at least one more large amphibious ship that is current been assembled. I didn't see any recent pictures of it, so don't know if it's another 071 or a new ship class. There are some rumours floating out there regarding how many Type 071s are procured, but nothing conclusive.

999 has also returned from initial sea trials. This picture shows the 2nd and 3rd Type 071s along with the 5th 054A from HD shipyard.

Here are pictures of the 6th HD 054A along side the new Type 071 and then put in the water.

A little bonus for you guys courtesy of Shenyang AC. Any comments on this one?


Jiang said...

WOW, the last two picture.

I am guessing SAC is building a stealth carrier based bomber like the Northrop-Grummap X-48B??

Feng said...

the pictures are actually from a RC model. However, they are definitely pursuing something like X-47B

Jiang said...

oh, I see.

I really dislike SAC, they suck monkey!!!

If CAC do it , it will be done ganreenteed!