Monday, June 25, 2012

SAC's 5th generation effort

I've been gone most of the past month because I was getting read to be married and then going on honeymoon and moving in to a new place afterward. I've finally been able to catch up on the PLA news a little bit in the past few days. One of the more interesting things popping up in the last few days is the mysterious plane under the covers from SAC. There are a lot of suspicions that this is SAC's 5th generation project. In fact, Huitong has posted one of these pictures on his website and Chinese military forums are again buzzing with talks on the so called F-60/J-21 project. I have always thought that SAC was working on a 5th generation project and believed that it will be unveiled around this time, so I'm not surprised at these news. However, I think we should also wait and see the covers off and more pictures coming out before judging how effective of a plane it will be or if this model that's been transported is even real. As usual, let's keep our figures crossed and wait for more info to come out.

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Anonymous said...

BEAST Yang Yoseob has shed tears during the recordings of “Hello”.

A representative from KBS2 “Hello” had revealed on the 14th of August, that Beast were invited as special guests on “Hello”. During the recordings, BEAST member Yang Yoseob, shed tears when talking about dreams to be singers.

According to that representative, “When aspiring singers talked about their singing dreams, and how it’s hard to chase them and expressed their sad thoughts of giving this dream up, Yang Yoseob was seen choking with tears”. Yang Yoseob was also a singer who faced many setbacks before he managed to debut. Because of this, he could understand the feelings of those who aspires to be singers, hence the tears.
Yang Yoseob even had times where he wanted to give up on his dreams, but he held on and came to his current agency with Lee Kikwang. Eventually, he became a part of BEAST.

It was also reported that BEAST officials couldn’t hide their surprise when they heard that the usual-manly Yoseob cried during the recording process.