Friday, August 3, 2007

Latest Developments

So, the nuclear submarine situation is getting more and more interesting. Now, we see new pictures of submarines that are claimed to be 093 SSN, but have diving planes on the sail (unlike the video from the museum). We have also seen pictures of the so called 091G coming out. I'm not sure what this says, other than that there might be more attack subs in service with PLAN than we realize. And also, it seems that we might have multiple variants of 093. The concept of successor variants of a project is certainly not new with PLAN. Some of the photos of the different submarines can be seen here.

Also, with the 80th anniversary, we have seen plenty of new pictures coming out. Here are the 4 052B/C ships taken at the recent time.

There are also some pictures of Yuan and 054A coming out. 529 has just returned from the sea trial

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