Sunday, August 12, 2007

More on Z-8

It appears that I mmight have ade a mistake with the classification of the naval version of Z-8. Huitong is calling it Z-8K, here is a photo of the SAR version with FLIR and search light.

It was mentionned by Huitong as a naval version of Z-8A, although I'm pretty sure he is wrong about that part. You can distinguish Z-8A and Z-8F from the intake opening. Z-8A has all the intakes in the facing front all in front of the rotor. There is a hump for the openings. Z-8F on the other hand have the openings one facing front and 2 on the sides. Anyhow, I found a nice specification picture of Z-8F. Note, it lists the basic specs, the specs under maximum takeoff of 13 tonne and the specs using the new PW engine.

according to this, many changes have been made including installing anti-sand components to improve performance in different terrain, using composite blades instead of titanium for better anti-freezing performance. Improved power using the new engine and initial overhaul only needed after 3500 hours. In general, a much improved helicopter compared to original Z-8.

Also, we've seen some new photos of Yuanwang coming out. I suppose that after these ships start doing their sea trial, then the JN shipyard will finally be free to start working on 052D series. Also, we've seen a new medical ship under construction, the model of it looks like this.

And finally, China has finally declassified Yu-6. It hails Yu-6 as a tremendous accomplishment in the face of Western embargo. It apparently entered service in late 2005 (explains why we've started to see so many Yu-6 pictures recently) after 10 years of development. The Chinese article on this can be found on SDF. I know I wrote about it as part of 093 article, but this is another place where China is claiming that Yu-6 has brought the underwater weaponry arsenal of PLAN to amongst the world leaders. So, currently the main torpedoes in use are Yu-3A, Yu-6, Yu-7 and ET-52. Yu-3A seems to be for older subs like 035. Yu-6 is for 039 and 093. Yu-7 is for the surface ships and some helicopters. ET-52 is for Z-9C.

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