Friday, August 20, 2010

054A photos from HP shipyard + Varyag photos

I've come across some really good photos of new 054A from HP shipyard and recent photos of Varyag. First, for the 5th 054A and also the 4th 054A from HP:
More detailed photos of the 5th 054A, looks like most of the sensors are already installed. I'm still a little shocked by how it just appeared.

The 4th 054A from HP, No 548, resting in the dock with Haijian-75, one of the new cutters.

Now, recent photos of Varyag from Dalian. It looks like a lot of work has been done since the last set of photos we've seen. The island is now all painted, although the sensors are still yet to be installed. There are still many boxes, containers, cables and generators sitting on its deck. I will let you guys make judgment on how it's progressing.

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