Saturday, August 7, 2010

Latest F-22P news

I will first start off by posting some recent pictures of F-22P. The first two are pictures of 253 (the 3rd unit of F-22P) in sea trials. And the last picture is of the 4th unit of F-22P that is currently under construction in Karachi.

And I also have seen a recent article that interviewed Captain Mirza Foad Amin Baig, who is the Commanding Officer of PNS Zulfiqar. Since I'm not sure about whether I'm allowed to post the article on here, I will just give a detailed summary in points:
  • The First F-22P (PNS Zulfiqar No. 251) was commissioned on 30th July 2009. It arrived in Karachi on 13 September and was inducted into the PN fleet on 19 September.
  • They tested the sensors + weapons of 251, including successful firing of C-802
  • F-22P is 3,144 tonnes and 123.4 m long -> larger than what we thought and larger than Jiangwei class
  • ASuW uses 8 C-802 missiles, Z-9EC for OTH targeting and Chinese version of AK-176M main gun
  • ASW consists of ET-52C 324mm torpedo tubes, RDC-32 rocket launchers and Echo Type 5 hull mounted sonar
  • Close in air defense with FM-90N SAM, AK-176M + 2 export version of Type 730 CIWS
  • Combat system is based on Chinese ZKJ-3C
  • EW suite uses Chinese RWD-8 intercept system and a NJ8I-3 jammer
  • Non-FCR Sensors include a SUR-17 air-surveillence radar, an SR-60 air/surface search radar and a Kelvin-Hughes 2007 navigation radar
  • Uses CODAD propulsion with two Tognum MTU 12V 1163 TB 83 diesel engines
  • Top speed of 28+ knots + range of 6000+ nm at 18 knots
  • Core crew is 188 with capacity for 212

From all report, it looks like PN is quite satisfied with the F-22Ps thus far. I have not kept up with PN current effort in buying an OHP. Last I heard, they were in the process of getting one. I do believe there have already been much talk regarding to PN buying 4 more frigates of China. The only question is what will be on that ship.

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