Monday, February 26, 2007

PAF and China

It's been a long time since I have found a good article on Kanwa on anything, but this is a really good find. This is an interview with General Ehsan Ul Haq, NI (M), Chairman of Pakistan’s Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. I think this probably is as solid of a source as there is. Anyway, I'm just going to post the article in original kanwa pictures and do a small summary and post a more informative translation + other Chinese related PN and PAF news tomorrow or through the rest of the week.

The following is with Khalid Choudhry, the chairman of PAC, on JF-17

A small summary is as follows, I will add more later:

  • Chinese AEW and Erieye will both be procured, PAF regards Erieye as AEW&C and Chinese AEW as AWACS, may point to Chinese one having more functionality.
  • JF-17 is not enough to fulfill the requirements of PAF, that's why PAF is also negotiating with China to get J-10, which will be designated as FC-20. However, PAF is not going to restrict itself to just one source, so it may still buy more F-16s.
  • JF-17s will definitely be in Pakistan prior to March 23rd.
  • The radar is a competition bw lab 14 and 607 right now, although European radar may get into the competition in the future.
  • As I predicted, the first 8 JF-17s, which are to be delivered by the end of this year, will all be using lab 607 radar.
  • PAF is still evaluating the weapons package, not restricting themselves to just Chinese ones
  • RD-93 engine is definitely not an issue contrary to Internet reports
  • Pakistan will start JF-17 production in 2008
  • 150 is just the first order of JF-17, there will be more orders from Pakistan.


Saad said...

Care to identify that white object in the picture besides the picture of RD - 93?

Feng said...

I believe it's a laser targetting pod