Thursday, March 1, 2007

Complete translation of that JF-17 article

As mentionned, I'm attempting here to do a full translation in point form
  • As we know, Pakistan joined China to develope an AWACS, this fufills PAF's requirements.
  • several month ago, the AWACS came to Pakistan, 2 groups of Pakistanis did extensive testing on that AWACS. First time Haq has officially admitted the visit to a Western reporter
  • China will transfer some AWACS technology to Pakistan
  • Also, PAF has already signed a contract with Saab for Erieye in May of 2006, first one coming into service in the beginning of 2009
  • 38th lab apparently developed this for Pakistan (maybe called KJ-200P), uses a mechanically scanning radar, the platform is a type 3 Y-8. This is already called Y-9 (My note: I'm pretty sure this bit is not true)
  • KJ-200P (let's just refer it as that for now) came to Chakala in July for testing.
  • Haq refers to this as AWACS and Saab as AEW&C, so maybe this points to KJ-200P offering more functionality. also, maybe this will form a hi-lo combination.
  • The regional air power is steadily rising, JF-17 cannot possibly meet all of PAF's requirements, that's why PAF has started discussion with China regarding the induction of J-10, to be named FC-20 and treated as the "hi-tech fighter"
  • Pakistan will not restrict its military purchase to one country. It will consider importing more Block 52 F-16s.
  • Pakistan has sent numerous people to Chengdu to look over J-10. Clearly, F-16's main opponent in sales is not JF-17, but J-10.
  • Also military cooperation between China and Pakistan is not just restricted to weapon sales but also a naval exercise with multiple nation is already planned.
  • Also considering aerial and ground exercise in the near future.
With PAC on JF-17
  • by end of 2007, PAF will have 8 JF-17s, weaponary is still in talks, this is according to the signed agreement.
  • can't confirm how many JF-17s will arrive before March, but JF-17 will definitely fly on March 23rd in Islamabad
  • Two competing radars, one by Nanjing (lab 14) and other by Wuxi (lab 607). Doing testing on both radar as expected, they are both very good radar.
  • First couple to be equipped with Wuxi radar, the testing has already started, so far, the testing of performance has achieved extremely results
  • Out of the 8, some will be equipped with Nanjing and some with Wuxi radar
  • The first batch of JF-17 will definitely be using Chinese radar, they are already doing flight testing with them.
  • Pakistan currently looking at different competing systems and figuring out how many of each type it wants and when does JF-17 need them? They call it standard I and II system
  • Can't comment on whether weapon plans have been finalized, that's to be determined by the PAF ACM
  • He can confirm that there is no issue over the engine for JF-17
  • PAC has repairs F-16 engine, produced the engine for the Mirage planes and repaired the engines for F-7s and K-8s, engine maintenance for RD-93 shouldn't be an issue. PAC will obviously need China's help on this.
  • Production preparation for JF-17 has already begun in early 2007, mass production will begin in January of 2008
  • Will receive the production line (all the necessary equipment) and technical help from AVIC1 and CATIC by 2007
  • PAF wishes to produce enough JF-17s to replace F-7, looking to eventually produce 20 to 25 JF-17s a year
  • 150 is only the fix order, more will be ordered. There is also requirements for more
  • Feels there is good prospects for exports
  • Currently, the FBW is only in one axis, will eventually have a full FBW (also very soon).


Saad said...

[quote]38th lab apparently developed this for Pakistan (maybe called KJ-200P), uses a mechanically scanning radar, the platform is a type 3 Y-8[unquote]

I thought that the radar being used on y-8 AWACS was the same as the one being used in the KJ-2000 program. And since that radar is an AESA, are you sure that the one on Y-8 is a mechanical one?

Feng said...

Yes, I'm pretty sure Kanwa is right on this. The one on KJ-2000 is fixed and larger compared to the Y-8 for PAF which is a rotating and mechanically scanning one.

Jiang said...

Feng, as we Chinese all know taht Pakistan is our best ally and best friend. So if we ever sell arms to Pakistan will it be our best??

I know Pakistan has order J-10 but only 36 J-10. WHich plane do you think the PAF will choose between the later J-10C/D or F-16 Block 60??

Anonymous said...

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